Multi channel retailing advantage and disadvantages: a short guide

Multi channel retailing advantage and disadvantages: a short guide

When eCommerce was introduced in the 1990s, this new type of commerce has led to the formation of unique marketing techniques and approaches. Online retailers who want to stay on top must follow these trends and techniques all the time. The competition in this field is becoming stronger and as an online retailer you must test and practice the most effective marketing methods. While we are talking about effectiveness and efficiency in the field of online marketing, we must mention multi channel retailing.

This type of retailing is helping modern retailers to get access to a huge consumer base that includes millions of people. By identifying the best online sales channels, multi channel retailing will help you increase sales. Just a few years ago, business owners were using only their company’s website to showcase and promote their products. Nowadays, more and more of them are using additional sales channels. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that this is the perfect form of marketing and retailing. In other words, before you get involved, you should find out more about multi channel retailing advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of multi channel retailing

We should start with the improvement of gathering data and conducting an analysis. Namely, if you decide to use multi channel retailing you will have more opportunities to engage with your clients. For example, when you use social media platforms to sell products, you can also use the analytics tools provided by these platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Customers are able to write reviews and write comments. All these things will help you see what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

As we said before, if you are doing this right, you will experience increased sales. This makes sense because the more places where your products can be found the more sales you can expect. Finally, you can also benefit from using marketplaces which are specialized for the type of products found in your offer.

The disadvantages of multi channel retailing

As for the disadvantages, we should mention the problem that your customer service may experience. A rapid increase in sales can overwhelm your customer support center. You must be prepared for something like this and hire more agents if needed. In addition, some business owners may find it more difficult to handle multiple channels, but with the right multi channel eCommerce platform, this issue can be resolved.

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